About Monique Leahy

Self Care and Image Consultant

Hello, I am Monique Leahy, and I am the business owner of Look Good 2 Feel Good. I am a self care and image consultant and I aim to educate and you on your own colour and style. You will radiate your own unique beauty with my services.

My experience as a self care and image consultant comes from working as a registered nurse, and in areas of retail, training and business. I understand that  feeling good on the inside relies on feeling good on the outside!

My work is transcended through who I am as person. I consider the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul since they all influence the beauty you radiate on the outside.  My interest in colour also influences my work. In my experience, colour is a foundational aspect of style because it changes the way we feel about ourselves.

When we are together, I will consider your lifestyle influences personality, body shape, budget and wardrobe needs. Understanding these aspects, enables you to create an image that truly reflects who you are on the inside. When you present yourself authentically, the inner beauty is reflected, allowing you to shine from the inside, out.