Take a look at the services that I offer and contact me if you have any questions or enquires about them. These services comprise part of your workplace Professional Presentation Training and should be eligible for a tax deduction. 

Colour Analysis
  • Determine your colour group and neutrals for the foundational pieces of your wardrobe.
  • Swatch of 46-50 colours that highlight best colours for skin, eyes and hair.
  • Receive a comprehensive colour booklet on all things fashion and beauty.

I recommend starting with a Colour Analysis (if you haven’t already) since colours are the foundation of clothing, accessories and makeup that you buy.

Body & Style Profile
  • Understand your body shape and maximize your assets
  • Dress for your personality,  lifestyle needs and different occasions
  • Create a shopping list for future wardrobe additions
  • Receive a complete colour style guide
Personal Shopping
  • Receive a personal stylist who will select clothes and accessories that are just right for you.
  • Save time and money when you go shopping for clothes.
Wardrobe Cures
Wardrobe Revival
  • Organize, declutter, edit and your wardrobe
  • Create new clothing combinations by “shopping” your wardrobe
  • Customized to your needs.
Wardrobe Integration
  • Follows on from out personal Shopping Expedition.
  • Integrate your new purchases with your existing wardrobe.
  • Create new looks to fully enhance you as a person.
Wardrobe Workshop
  • Get a group of friends together for a fun night or afternoon.
  • Become educated on the basics of your wardrobe and style.
  • Find out how to build your wardrobe starting from the essentials in clothing.
Mini Wardrobe Review
  • This is a 1 hour investment following on from your colour analysis or body and style profile.
  • Get a quick understanding of how your colour and style profile relates to your existing wardrobe
  • Determine anything whether any pieces might be needed to enhane your wardrobe (and you)!
Personal Image Branding
  • Incorporate your style and colours to enhance your personal brand
  • Create a congruent look that integrates your business endeavours with your personal brand
Me time packages
  • Colour Analysis and Makeup
  • Colour Analysis and Body & Style Profile
  • Colour Analysis,  Makeup, Body & Style Profile
  • Body & Style Profile and Personal Shopping
Love Your Self Packages
  • Colour Analysis, Body & Style Profile, and Wardrobe Revival
  • Colour Analysis, Body & Style Profile, Wardrobe Revival and Personal Shopping
Time to to Shine Packages
  • Colour Analysis, Makeup, Body & Style Profile, Wardrobe Revival & Personal Shopping